Marc Drobnick

Denver // New York // Los Angeles // Boston

Marc Drobnick is an accomplished bodyworker and massage therapist. He specializes in Kinesis Myofascial Integration as well as structural integration and ROLFing techniques. 


Marc Drobnick is a talented and accomplished bodyworker and massage therapist. He is one of only fifty Advanced KMI Practitioners in the world.

His practice is centered in Denver, New York, and Los Angeles where he works on a diverse clientele of all ages and professions, with a specialty in high-level athletes.

Marc’s clients include Olympic athletes, National Champion skiers, Major League Baseball players, yoga instructors, and CrossFit Games competitors. He also works on actors and dancers in Broadway productions.

Marc has served on the faculty at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado and has Advanced Certification in Structural Integration from KMI.  Dedicated to his ongoing professional and personal development, Marc continues to take advanced coursework and trainings.

In his free time, he likes to mountain bike, teach students, and walk with Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson is the trusted office assistant and easily the most adorable member of our team.

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My motivation for getting into this work was simple—I had it done and I loved how I felt. I was running a lot at the time and this was the first treatment that gave me relief. But once I started studying massage therapy, I realized that I wanted to learn more about structural integration (SI). There was something attractive about the tangibility and the science behind SI. It was cerebral and I liked being able to wrap my brain around it.

As I dove into SI, I realized that it was about so much more than just making people feel better. It was about communication. Ninety percent of the way we communicate is nonverbal. When you see someone walking down the street and you recognize them by that walk, that is their fascia communicating. It's the sum of all their experiences walking toward you. 

And a lot of these people have only one option. After years of chronic pain or unresolved injuries, our bodies hold patterns. We limit ourselves and what our bodies can do. I want people to keep all their experiences, good and bad, but I want them to carry them with grace. I want each person to walk out of my office with more freedom: to change, to move, and to grow. 

Because every person's body is different, I consider my education never-ending. Each client informs the next and each client teaches me something new about this work. This work has taught me to approach everyone without assumption or judgment—it's made me much more accepting and tolerant. I hope each client has that same transformation after going through this process.


- Certified Massage Therapist 1000 hours ... Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado National LMT

- Certified KMI Structural Integration Practitioner 500 hours ... Anatomy Trains:  Tom Myers  

- Certified Advanced KMI Structural Integration 300 hours ... Tom Myers 


- Building the Ultimate Back ... Dr. Stewart McGill 

- 10 session MyofascialTherapy ... MTIC  200 hours 2008-2009

- Asian theory (Acupressure Techniques) ... MTIC 50 hours 2008-2009

- Joint Mobilization and Myofascial Release Techniques ... MTIC  100 hours 2008-2009

- Human Cadaver Dissection Course (hands-on) ...  Tom Myers & Todd Garcia  Phoenix, AZ 2012

- Anatomy for Movers ... The Shoulder Girdle with Deane Juhan (Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodyworkers) and Clyde Rae Jolie-Ashe (Gyrotonic Master Trainer):  25 hours Boulder, CO 2012

- Gyrotonic Method ... Yannis Brunet  14 hours  Denver, CO 2009


- Detailed Functional Anatomy 

- Advanced Posture Reading 

- Injury Care and Misalignments

- Deep Tissue, Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Myofascial Release, Precise Palpation, Neuromuscular Therapy ... 2007-2013 400 hours per year

- Pelvic Balancing ... 2007-2013 50 hours per year