Marc Drobnick

Denver // New York // Los Angeles // Boston

Marc Drobnick is an accomplished bodyworker and massage therapist. He specializes in Kinesis Myofascial Integration as well as structural integration and ROLFing techniques. 


Sometimes my clients say nice things about me. And sometimes I leave them on the internet for you to read:

I shattered my acetabulum requiring major surgery with an extensive recovery. Marc worked on me the week after the surgery.  Along with my physical therapist, an acupuncturist, and Marc, I was able to regain all that I had lost months faster than my surgeon originally predicted. I credit having access to amazing care, including Marc, to being able to race only 6 weeks after walking again. We have referred Marc to countless friends and competitors. Each one has never gone back to their old therapist. His constant desire to become the best is apparent in his work. He just has to lay his hands on you to work his magic. We haven’t dubbed him “Magic Hands” without good reason. 
- Amy Thomas, Team Manager of the Yeti Beti,

I have been seeing Marc "Magic Hands" Drobnick for over seven years and he is hands down, the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. Marc understands the body at a very complex level, and sport-specific mechanics and injuries. Marc knows the fine balance between going in there for a relaxing, stress-relief massage and diving in to resolve injuries. The years of coming to Marc has accumulated in having a massage therapist who can provide a holistic approach to taking care of unique and changing needs as an athlete. Marc is very personable and genuine in his care, and I always look know that when I walk into a session, I will walk out feeling physically and mentally much more relaxed and happier.
- Sarah Rawley, Yeti Team Rider,

I first met Marc at a Masters’ CrossFit competition. I was having troubles getting loosened up, and Marc offered to give me a quick treatment. Within a few minutes, I had increased range of motion and power. Without question, Marc’s treatment helped my perform without having to focus on bound-up muscles and restrictive range of motion. I was so impressed with Marc’s knowledge, treatment, bodywork style and easy-going personality & demeanor, that I brought him to our gym ... Whether it be tune-ups before big competitions, or relieving tight and restriction muscles to allow for greater range of motion and efficiency, Marc has been a go-to guy for keeping our athletes tuned up and reducing injury risk.
- Shawn Mack, CrossFit Master's Athlete,

I first met at a CrossFit competition in Denver, Colorado where he was volunteering his time working with CF athletes. Marc worked on me and helped me tremendously over the course of a two day event. I continued to seek out Marc's services because I was convinced that he was extremely knowledgable and passionate about his craft as a bodyworker. I highly recommend Marc to anyone looking for a great therapist. He is professional, knowledgable and highly skilled. I also know that Marc is constantly pursuing and furthering his education and knowledge, through extensive course work and seminars. This has positively benefited our clients directly through massage/bodywork techniques.
- Emilio DiPretoro, Owner of CrossFit Stapleton,

Working with Marc has been the best thing I have ever done for my body. I used to view massage and body work as a luxury that was a temporary fix for my sore muscles and tight hips, but Marc has completely changed my perception of that. He knows more about the body than anyone I have encountered in the industry, and he not only relieves temporary pain, but works to correct the underlying issue so that you can permanently heal. Very grateful to have found Marc's Magic Hands!
- Emily Schromm, Nutritional Practitioner and Personal Trainer,

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