Marc Drobnick

Denver // New York // Los Angeles // Boston

Marc Drobnick is an accomplished bodyworker and massage therapist. He specializes in Kinesis Myofascial Integration as well as structural integration and ROLFing techniques. 


Advanced bodywork session ... $150* ... These sessions address specific issues: chronic pain, simple tuning, and acute injuries.

Advanced low back construction ... $150/per session ... This is a 4-session series, 90 minutes total. We will spend 45 minutes doing bodywork, and 45 minutes doing movement re-education. 

60-minute KMI session ... $100 ... These sessions are for clients who need a simple tuning, rather than a more holistic session.

90-minute KMI session ... $150* ... These sessions combine attention to trigger areas as well as full-body structural integration. 

12-session package ... $150/per session ... These sessions are at least 90 minutes each, conducted weekly. We will take you through Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI), retraining your body, specifically the fascia. This will affect the way you stand, walk, sit, and posture yourself. It gives you more options and hopefully relieves the pain the brought you to us in the first place. Our bodies are designed well, but we get into patterns of movement that go against that design. KMI is meant to be a very deep process, both physically and emotionally. These sessions are meant to be long-lasting, so clients don't typically need to do them more than once every 10 years.

*$190 for New York and Los Angeles.


Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) is a form of Structural Integration that evolved from Ida Rolf's work. Learn more about KMI:

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